ERP Consultant

An enterprise resource planning or ERP consultant is a contractual worker that a company can hire to execute, upgrade and support the ERP systems which link different elements of business into a single central process. As the independent contractor, the ERP consultant is needed in various businesses that control their skills so as to increase efficiency and to amalgamate vendor services. Usually, the expertise of a consultant is judged based on the span of skills and knowledge that the person possesses and the ability that he or she have to render strategic advice, arrange functions inside of ...

ERP Implementation part 1: Preparing the project

ERP Implementation
In this multiple part series, we will discuss every step that you will have to take in order to succesfully implement an ERP system. In this article, we will lay out the first step of ERP implementation: the preprations within your organization. Understanding ERP The term "ERP" is used frequently, but many people don’t know what it is. This term means Enterprise Recourse Planning and it was originally used by manufacturing companies, but today it’s used for any product in a business. When this is implemented in the right way, ERP allows a company to break down their traditional organizationa...

The causes of ERP Failures

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Multi-module ERP software is used to integrate your business activities across multiple departments. This includes: parts purchasing, product planning, product distribution, inventory control, as well as order tracking. Many multi-million dollar businesses have been transformed by ERP and this has changed the way they do business. You could save millions of dollars by implementing ERP in the right way. This can increase customer- and employee satisfaction and give you competitive advantage in the fast changing marketplace. Many executives are often ...